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  • Advantages of Used Material Handling Equipment

    Southern Material Handling Company offers a variety of high quality and well-maintained used forklifts and utility vehicles at our Springfield, MO location. When a business is looking to automate, it’s worth the time to consider purchasing used material handling equipment to maximize the bang for the buck. When weighing the options between new and refurbished equipment, it’s important to evaluate the physical, financial, and standards of the equipment.

    #1 Physical Evaluation

    Ensure the equipment will run efficiently by obtaining any service records, specs, and spare parts from the original manufacturer. This will make the startup process quicker. Each used forklift or utility vehicle at Southern Material Handling Company goes through a rigorous, multipoint inspection prior to its delivery to ensure that the equipment is in perfect shape.

    #2 Financial Evaluation

    Having access to the equipment’s history can help you quickly establish what changes you need to make to meet your specific company’s needs. This lets you estimate the cost of adjustments on used material versus that of a new forklift or utility vehicle.

    #3 Standards Evaluation

    Engineering and manufacturing standards are important information to keep on hand. Sound and flexible standards in engineering design means you don’t have to spend time re-inventing the wheel. Use standards to easily troubleshoot any issues that might have come up during relocation of the equipment.

    At Southern Material Handling Company, our used forklifts and utility vehicles are in impeccable condition and feature a fair price. Our list of used machines constantly changes, so view our current list here.

    Southern Material Offers The Best Inventory of New and Used Toyota Forklifts in Tulsa and Muskogee
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    Southern Material is the industry leader for monthly or daily forklift rentals in Tulsa and Muskogee. Choose from our high-quality selection of Toyota equipment.
    Southern Material offers Northeastern Oklahoma’s largest inventory of forklifts, Tennant Scrubber/Sweepers, Kelley Dock Equipment and Interlake Racking.
    Southern Material is a leading provider of forklift parts – including batteries, tires, brakes, alternators, axels – and maintenance services – including oil and filter changes. Contact us today!

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