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    Southern Material Handling Company in Tulsa and Muskogee, OK is the leading provider of equipment rentals in Tulsa, Muskogee, and surrounding areas. If you are looking for a forklift, reach truck, order picker, or even industrial cleaning equipment, we will have what you need. Our equipment rentals in Tulsa are sure to have the machine that you need to handle any of your jobsite needs.

    When it comes to material handling, we have the machinery you will need to get the job done efficiently. Equipment rentals is a fast and easy way to acquire the equipment you will need to complete your project without the hassle of making a large purchase or worrying about long-term maintenance requirements. There are several advantages to renting equipment and a few of the greatest advantages of equipment rentals are:

    • • Frequency: If your project is short-term, there is really no need to make a major equipment purchase. If you rent with us, you'll be able to use the equipment during the time you need and return it when you're done.
    • • Inventory: Renting our equipment relieves you from having to store yet another piece of equipment. This will free up space for more valuable equipment and materials in your storage area and allow you the freedom to purchase other, more important items.
    • • Cost: From the cost of purchase to maintenance and the cost of operation, it is rather expensive to own heavy equipment. Equipment rentals allow you to get the job done without stepping into exuberant costs.

    Collecting material handling materials for a project is a big task. If you are making major changes to your warehouse or facility, you may be looking for ways to make the area and get the job done efficiently. Equipment rental is a great option for an ongoing project like this—here are three advantages to renting equipment instead of purchasing for long term projects:

    • • Convenience: Arguable the best part about equipment rental is that you have access to your machine whenever you need it. Our large selection of inventory will ensure that you have the perfect equipment to suit your jobsite needs.
    • • Maintenance: Having properly maintained equipment is essential for the success and safety of your project. Our equipment rentals have been properly maintained and fully checked before you pick them up for your job. We want you to feel confident in your equipment rental choice by ensuring that it is in top shape.
    • • One-Stop-Shop: Instead of going to multiple stores/suppliers looking for the equipment that you need, Southern Material will have everything you need and eliminate the hassle. You can retrieve all of the equipment you need in one place and you can be on your way to completing a successful project.

    No matter what type of equipment you need, our equipment rentals in Tulsa are sure to suit your jobsite needs. Contact us at Southern Material Handling Equipment for more information today!

    Southern Material Offers The Best Inventory of New and Used Toyota Forklifts in Tulsa and Muskogee
  • Serving Tulsa, Muskogee, & Eastern Oklahoma

    Southern Material is the industry leader for monthly or daily forklift rentals in Tulsa and Muskogee. Choose from our high-quality selection of Toyota equipment.
    Southern Material offers Northeastern Oklahoma’s largest inventory of forklifts, Tennant Scrubber/Sweepers, Kelley Dock Equipment and Interlake Racking.
    Southern Material is a leading provider of forklift parts – including batteries, tires, brakes, alternators, axels – and maintenance services – including oil and filter changes. Contact us today!

Best selection of Toyota forklifts in oklahoma!

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