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    Southern Material Handling Company is a one stop shop for material handling equipment. Whether you are looking for a forklift rental or an industrial strength sweeper, we are going to have what you are looking for. Not only are we able to fulfill any of your material handling needs, we also offer equipment training and even warehouse organization items like dock products and pallet racks. It is easy to see why we are the best forklift company in Tulsa with another location in Muskogee too!

    What type of tool are you searching for to make your warehouse life a little easier? We offer a wide variety of Toyota equipment for various tasks:

    • Cushion Tire Lift Trucks: These trucks are ideal for general warehousing, manufacturing, and loading docks. They can be used indoors or outdoors, but require a hard surface.
    • Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks: This type of truck is perfect for lumber or pipe yards plus heavy manufacturing. They can be used outdoors across rough surfaces like gravel or dirt.
    • Rider Electric Forklifts: This forklift is for clean environments like food processing or cold storage. They are available as a sit-down or stand-up truck and are for indoor use with smooth floors.
    • Pallet Trucks/Walkie Stackers: This truck is great for warehousing, delivery trucks, confined areas, and dock use.
    • Reach Trucks: The reach truck offers narrow-aisle applications and high lift heights. If you are in a general warehouse or one with a narrow-aisle, this truck is perfect for you.
    • Order Pickers & Very Narrow Aisle: This truck is perfect for “Order picking.” Simply hop on, head to the space within the narrow aisle that your item is, go back, and jump back off. Some people in the industry call this the “Man up” truck.
    • Hand Pallet Trucks: The pallet truck is a very popular piece of equipment because it is functional through all modes of pallet movement. These are great light duty machines with manual lift and push for short distances.
    • Tow Tractors: This machine offers capacities up to 168,000 pounds!
    • Automated Guided Vehicles: This gadget is fully customizable and can help warehouse staff boost productivity and cut labor costs.

    We have been the top choice for utility vehicles in the Tulsa and Muskogee area for over 65 years. We carry the following types of utility vehicles:

    • Tow Tractors: These tractors can tow up to 60,000 pounds all while providing emission free and quiet service.
    • Burden Carriers: This machine allows you to transport personnel or haul materials. It can even be used indoors or outdoors!
    • Personnel Carriers: Increase warehouse production by saving time transporting employees with this electric personnel carriers.
    • Electric Trams and Trailers: These machines are emission free and are a perfect solution for transporting your customers or employees around a warehouse. They offer low steps for exiting the vehicle too.

    Our forklift company is able to provide you with the proper equipment for your entire warehouse. We have already provided a great list of available equipment to increase productivity and profits, but that’s not where our efforts end. We also offer several industrial strength cleaning options; such as, industrial sweepers (walk behind and ride-on), scrubbers (walk behind and ride-on), sweeper/scrubber combinations, vacuums, carpet extractors, burnishers. We are a Strategic Alliance Partner with Tennant so we can offer our clients the best industrial cleaning options in the area.

    Southern Material Handling Company is prepared to assist you with every aspect of your warehouse including design and various implementation of racking systems, dock doors, high speed doors, semi-truck trailer restraints, dock levelers, in-plant buildings, and even pedestrian barriers. If you have a question or don’t know where to begin reorganizing your warehouse to offer better functionality, consult with one of our salesmen today!

    Not only do we provide any of the material handling equipment and warehouse products you could need, we also want to ensure our client’s safety. There are OSHA laws in place for forklift operators and as a courtesy to our clients, we offer three different solutions for forklift certification. We have on-site operator training, combination training at both our site(s) and your site, and we offer training for future forklift trainers. The forklift training consists of formal instruction, practical training, and operator evaluation.

    We have been the industry leader since 1948 and were the first forklift company in Oklahoma. We take great pride in representing the leaders in the material handling industry including Toyota, and Tennant. We also have over 30 factory trained service technicians and a fully stocked parts department. In addition, we guarantee delivery of our available forklifts, lift trucks, tractors, cleaning equipment, warehouse design & organization, and even forklift parts, Southern Material Handling Company can fulfill all of your warehouse needs. Feel free to reach out to any of our exceptional salesmen for assistance.

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    Southern Material is the industry leader for monthly or daily forklift rentals in Tulsa and Muskogee. Choose from our high-quality selection of Toyota equipment.
    Southern Material offers Northeastern Oklahoma’s largest inventory of forklifts, Tennant Scrubber/Sweepers, Taylor-Dunn Utility Vehicles, Kelley Dock Equipment and Interlake Racking.
    Southern Material is a leading provider of forklift parts – including batteries, tires, brakes, alternators, axels – and maintenance services – including oil and filter changes. Contact us today!

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