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  • Industrial Cleaning Equipment

    Southern Material Handling Company partners with Strategic Alliance to provide industrial cleaning solutions. We are the top source for sweepers and scrubbers throughout Oklahoma. We can help provide a variety of equipment to meet your industrial cleaning needs; such as, industrial sweepers (walk behind and ride-on), scrubbers (walk behind and ride-on), sweeper and scrubber combination units, vacuums, carpet extractors, and burnishers.

    If you are looking to simplify the process of cleaning your warehouse, you should consider renting one of our walk-behind or ride-on scrubbers. These machines alleviate the struggles you may be facing with warehouse floors requiring frequent, thorough, and hygienic scrubbing. These powerful tools will replace the mop and bucket at your establishment so quickly thanks to their powerful cleaning capabilities and their ability to navigate tight spaces.

    Another option to help alleviate the time-investment cleaning takes is a sweeper-scrubber combination unit. Tackle both tasks with a single machine. This tool will deliver incredible sweeping and scrubbing performance. It is easy to maintain and to operate. Whether you need to reduce the time cleaning takes or you only have room in your storage or even your budget for one machine, this is the way to go. This combination unit will offer durable and dependable performance in any environment.

    Industrial strength vacuums are another great option for office space or warehouses that have carpet. They remove loose dirt, soil, and dust from the carpets. They are easy to store, offer compact transport, and typically come with a vast selection of attachments. If you need a lightweight vacuum for stairways, a wide cleaning path for aisles, or something compact for under desks and other furniture, there is an industrial strength vacuum for you. There are various options such as pull-along type vacuums, backpack vacuums, and even automatic vacuums that can clean a large carpeted area quickly with just a push of a button. You can also utilize our carpet extractors for deep cleaning purposes.

    Scrub or polish any floor with the burnishers you rent from Southern Material Handling. These industrial machines are self-propelled to bring out the lust in your hard surface floors. They aren’t just for warehouses or office spaces—you can use these anywhere! They come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Contact us today to find the right industrial cleaning tool for you.

    Once you have determined what industrial cleaning equipment you need access to in order to keep your warehouse or office clean and working at its best, contact Southern Material Handling Company. We can help you select which options are best for you and can even deliver your equipment to Tulsa, Sapulpa, Broken Arrow, Muskogee, and surrounding areas as early as the same day.

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    Southern Material is the industry leader for monthly or daily forklift rentals in Tulsa and Muskogee. Choose from our high-quality selection of Toyota equipment.
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